Want to sell your online business? Here are 3 indicators that it is ready to be sold

90% of all startups fail! Let that first sink in. Often we are caught up in the news of the startup that made it big for example the $26.2 billion acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft or the $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest Labs by Google and forgets this harsh reality. Running a business demands sacrifice and hard work. You have to put in long hours, put up with low pay and deal with a lot of stress during the first few years. Most entrepreneurs quickly find out that running a business is easier said than done, they start looking for an exit strategy. However, most exit plans rarely come with a big payout.

Why should you sell your online business?

After you’ve endured all the hard work and sacrifice demanded by a startup, you deserve a decent recompense at the end of the road. It is unfair to endure years of paying your employees bigger paychecks than you are getting, then finally packing it in or selling your equity for peanuts.

When launching your online business, you need to have an exit strategy. Here are three signs that you need to watch out for before the big sharks start circling. They are implicit indicators that you will get the most out of your investment if you want to sell.

  1. You are set to launch a new business Online

Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of imagining that they can manage more than one venture. The likely outcome is that both businesses suffer. Juggling multiple demanding tasks easily leads to burnout for you and the meltdown of your businesses quickly follows.

If you intend to dive into a new online business, consider bowing out of your current one. In doing so, you have the chance to make an amazing profit from the sale that will propel your new venture to greater heights.

  1. Your business has outgrown your capacity

Potential buyers are attracted by booming growth and impeccable market value. A rapidly growing online business demands an increased workforce of marketers, social media managers, content strategists and the like. If you cannot deal with this growing workforce, it is time you sold the business. At this point, your business will fetch its highest possible value.

  1. There is high profit at stake.

  Profit is an essential factor in determining your exit. Your online business may not be valued at a billion dollars, but you may get an offer that offers you a high profit. Prime times for selling your online business don’t stay around for long so when opportunity knocks; you should be ready to answer.


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